Oldtimers need special careing. Our company offers full restoration, rebuild for almost any brand, year and condition.


There are many ways to make this happen:

We can build a full original car, with using only OEM/NOS parts, or we can make an authentic custom using only parts and accersories from the cars era.

We Disassemble the car to the last screw and start to build it up from scratch again using new or repaired parts. The body will be sandblasted or acid dipped, all damaged parts will be repaired. Paintjobs are made by our partner company. Suspension and frame parts will be sintered and rebuilt with all new rubber parts. To make the car last for decades, we use top quality cavity protection and undercarrige wax. The level of sound- and heatproofing will be all choosen to fit your desires. The engine can be rebuilt as well. The engine block is mashined at our partner company, the assembly is made in our shop. At the end of the resoraton process you get your car back just like it rolled down from the production line.

We also do:

– partial repair, partial restoration
– full maintance of cars from any era
– rust protection, cavity protection
– building audio systems that match the apperance of the cars era
– repair of factory defective parts, remodel poor factory solutions